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About us
Max Reynoso

"Passionate about the outdoors", is an understatement! It's what I love to do. I'm a fitness professional with 23 years in the wellness industry. I have climbed, hiked, and trailed some of the most beautiful and challenging mountains and canyons in the United States. ​


I enjoy helping others prepare, train, and guide them on outdoor adventures and I'm most passionate about the Grand Canyon. Having done numerous backpacking trips into the canyon, I know what it take to prepare both physically and mentally. Most importantly, having a strategy is what makes the trip fun, enjoyable, and memorable. 

Enjoy multi-day backpacking, Rim to Rim and Rim to Rim to Rim. If you are ready to experience the Grand Canyon, contact us. It will be your 20/20 experience of a lifetime.

What I love about my job its the special bond that comes from experiencing this beautiful oasis at the bottom of the canyon. We all have one thing in common and that's a love for the outdoors. Once you hike with us, you become family and many times we see friends come back for more challenging trails! Check out some of groups that have gone thru the 20/20 Gran Canyon Experience.

- Max Reynoso

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