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Grand Canyon National Park

3 Day Grand Canyon Backpacking - Buy Now, Hike Later

3 day backpacking going down South Kaibab Trail on the South Rim to Bright Angel Campground. Next day trip to Indian Garden campground. Last day we hike out using Bright Angle Trail up the South Rim.

3 Day Grand Canyon Backpacking - Buy Now, Hike Later
3 Day Grand Canyon Backpacking - Buy Now, Hike Later

Time & Location

Buy Now, Hike Later

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA

About The Event


  • Day 1

We arrive at the Grand Canyon National Park the day before the hike. We recommend booking a stay at one of their lodge to get a good night sleep and be prepare to decent into the canyon early in the morning. (Highly Recommended)

  • Day 2

We wake up early in the morning (time will be established as a group) and grab ourselves a good breakfast at the Grand Canyon restaurant. We will take a 12-15 min free shuttle to our destination at South Kaibab Trail. There we will have a chance to use the bathroom one more time and prepare our backpacks and equipment before descending into the canyon.

Distance to Bright Angel Campground is 7.5 miles. We will make a few stops along the way for snacks and bathroom breaks . The view on this trail is amazing and there will be plenty of time for some selfies and group pictures. There's very little shade on this trail and the reason why we start our decent early in the morning.

Once we arrive at the Bright Angel Campground, we'll be able to put up our tent and explore the area. Phantom Ranch is located near by with picnic tables, bathroom, running water, and a small convince stand for snacks. At Phantom Ranch , by request, we can reserve dinner for our first night at 5pm and/or breakfast for the next morning at 6:30am. (recommended) (If you purchase our Experience Plus PASS we make all the reservations for you before the trip.

  • Day 3

If you have breakfast reserved at Phantom Ranch, you must wake up nice and early. Breakfast and hot coffee its served at 5am or 6:30am sharp. We'll have plenty of time in the morning to enjoy the peace and quiet of the canyon. You can visit the Colorado River next to us or get wet in the creek by the camping ground.

In the early afternoon, we start to pack our gear and head 4.5 miles (along the Colorado River) towards our final destination, Indian Garden. The elevation is small and steady. Toping out around 1,500 feet. We will make a few stops along the way for snack and shade. Once we arrive at beautiful Indian Garden, there will be plenty of shade and water. There's also a Range office and bathroom at this campground. From here you can already see the top the South Rim!

  • Day 4

Our final day has arrived! Once everyone is awake from a good night sleep, we will pack all of our gears and start our journey back home using the Bright Angel Trail. The trip is only 4.8 miles but the elevation is 3,000 feet. While on the trail, you'll be able to turn and look back at the beauty of the Grand Canyon and also take a moment to reflect on your accomplishment! You are about to complete a journey only a few in this world has experienced.


  • Grand Canyon Backpacking Pass

    You need to purchase a Backpacking Pass for each individual in your group.




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