Aug 14

“Comfort Zone”


It's only when you truly get out of your comfort zone that you start living life to the fullest. You will be surprised on what the human body can accomplish if you can get the "mind" to get it started! There's a lot of beautiful places in the world and the Grand Canyon happen to be one of them! Yes, many have visited but only a few have descended 7 miles to the bottom. The experience is out of this world but it does take preparation, training, and guidance to do it right. And that's why I created The 20/20 Grand Canyon Experience. I have over 10 years of experience preparing, training, and guiding people down and up the canyon safety. @ We take everyone through "3 Phases" Phase 1: Preparation: It's all about knowledge! And that's what we do. We have 2 group meetings where I present the team with all the do's and don'ts, education on snacks and meals, training for emergency, clothing, etc... Phase 2: Training: As a group (if you are located in AZ) we do 3 simulation hikes to train the group on pace, equipment, and snacks. Everyone also gets a fitness program to follow to prepare the body for the physical demand that the Grand Canyon brings. If you are out of state, we send you all the work that needs to be accomplished. Phase 3: Guidance: There's nothing more reassuring than having the trainer that's been helping you the last 3 month bring you down the canyon. The trust and relationship has been established and every works as a team. Visit our site for more!

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