Oct 10, 2018

My 5th Rim to Rim Patch


My most challenging yet rewarding hike of all time! Last week I completed my 5th Grand Canyon Rim to Rim but did it alone and under extreme weather condition. Hurricane Rosa was just passing through Arizona and I felt every once of it! From 4am in the morning until 6:30pm! I will be posting my documentary shorty this week and I hope you all get to see it and enjoy it :)

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  • Finally... I was able to break my old record of 12 hours and 33 min. to completing my 7th Rim2Rim under 10 hours! I usually treat my Rim2Rim's like a training ground. It helps me keep my legs and endurance in check. It also allows me to learn more about the Grand Canyon and to experiment with different snacks, meals, and equipment. I always want to improve my knowledge of the canyon. This place is very dynamic and being able to be ready with whatever the canyon throws at you, I find it to be a very important skill set to have. When I take my clients down the canyon, I want them to feel as comfortable and safe as possible. I want them to truly enjoy the experience and that's why I started the 20/20 Grand Canyon Experience company! I have over 10 years of experience going down and up the canyon. I have safely taken over 60 people into the canyon for either a multiday backpacking trip or rim2rim. I've also been a certified personal trainer for 25 years. That allows me to create programs that my clients can follow that gets them ready to experience all the physical demand that the canyon brings. I've completed multiple Wilderness Workshop and I'm Wilderness Safety certified. I'm in love with the Grand Canyon and I will never stop learning about it and how to conquer it! Thank you for reading and if you are interested in joining one of our hikes, visit our site at www.YourGrandCanyonExperience.com
  • Me and the Grand Canyon have a long history of love and hate lol. I take the canyon very seriously because I understand the full power of Mother Nature! We as human see a gigantic hole on the ground, and the first thing we want to do is challenge it! Why not? No matter how much I train and prepare for a Rim2Rim, it seems like every time, specially the last 2 miles going up the North Rim, it becomes a very mind & body challenge! That’s what I love about the GC. It always finds a way to get the best out of you. Weather it’s mental or physical. But this year, I was determined to make this the easier Rim2Rim ever! So I jumping into a fitness program that would put me in the best shape of my life. I started in February and as of this post, I’ve lost 26lbs and dropped 12% body fat. Fitness is life! If you can take control of the way you look and feel, you have no idea of what you are physically capable But I know that it’s not easy. That’s why I make it super easy with my Online Fitness Coaching Program! No excuses, no drama, just action and doing! I make it super affordable because I want to help! I want to help anyone that wants run, hike, feel better, enjoy more activity with their family, just be pain free!! It’s all online! I give you all the answers and you just follow it! Period! As straight forward as you can ever get. For only $45 a month you will get a workout program designed based on your fitness level and goal. You will download my mobile app on your phone and all workouts and communications will be there! I will hold you accountable and will be available to answer any questions you may have! Get into shape and then come back here to hike the Grand Canyon! How about that? :) Only $45 a month! Are you serious? Yep! No excuses now! visit www.itrainwithmax.com and click on Get Started.

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