Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike
  • Style: Hiking

  • Difficulty: Difficult

  • Duration: 12-18 hours

  • Distance: 22.5 miles

  • Trip Cost: $550  

  • Only 2-4 people per group

Our Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike is a Grand Canyon legend and deservedly so! The ability to hike across the Canyon is what makes the Rim to Rim so special, as you have the unique opportunity to experience both rims and everything in between. (The North Rim does close after October 15th every year due to harsh winter conditions and reopens May 15th) 

The Rim to Rim hike begins on the South Rim at South Kaibab Trail where we hike down to our first stop, the famous Bright Angel Campground. After a good lunch and getting our feet wet in the creek, we start back up and head over to our next stop, Cottonwood campsite. And on the hike there we'll take a side trip to Ribbon Falls, one of the Grand Canyon's most dramatic waterfalls.

After a good soak in the waterfalls, we make our last push towards the North Kaibab Trail to the North Rim. 

This hike take a lot of training and preparation to complete but that's why we are here. We usually need about 3-5 months advance noticed before booking this trip so we have plenty of time to get ready. Yes the goal is to finish the hike, but with our preparation, training, and guidance we make sure its safe, fun, enjoyable but most importantly, memorable.  

What is included in price per person below

Administration of all documents to get camping dates and all permits. If requested by purchasing out Experience Plus PASS, we will make all the reservations for your hotels stays before the hike and after if necessary, meals at Phantom Ranch, camping equipment, and mules (to bring gear down to the canyon).

  • Step by step on what items to get from outfit, to camping gear, to snacks and meals.
    (for a small fee we will get for you all your rental camping equipment needed for your trip)

  • You will meet your 20/20 Experienced Staff either in person with the group or by Webcam, if out of state, to review all thats necessary for you to be completely comfortable with the trip.

  • We will share years of experience on all the good and unfortunetly the bad that can present itself while down the canyon. Safety its our #1 priority and we drive that with everything we do. 

  • You will have a certified personal trainer/nutrition coach that will design a exercise regiment that will fit your lifestyle, personal fitness level and goals, to get your prepare for the physical demand that the canyon can bring.

  • If you live in Arizona, your personal trainer will hold a few Demo Hikes with the group so we can train the body to handle the weather, different terrain, and endurance. 

  • If you are out of state, you will download our Mobile Training app where you can follow along with your exercise workouts and cardio schedule. You will have access to your personal trainer within the app chat feature. 

  • Your personal trainer is also a knowledgable certified Wilderness First Aid responder. Trained to deal with all the unexpected issues that might arise from the unpredictable Grand Canyon. 

  • What makes this trip great is that the 20/20 Experience Staff that's been working with you since day one, its going to be guiding you personally down and up the canyon! There's a sense of peace of mind when you know the staff that's been preparing you for this trip since day one, will be right next to you with every step! That's the 20/20 Experience!

  • Our 20/20 Experienced Staff all carry emergency first aid kits, GPS unit and satellite phone.



Camping gear rental, meals, clothing, guided gratuity (industry standard is 10-20% cost of trip) transportation and hotels.

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