Rim to Rim Experience

Rim to rim is an experience of a life time. Every trip is difference than the last one but they are all an adventure.

Sep 24

Finally... I was able to break my old record of 12 hours and 33 min. to completing my 7th Rim2Rim under 10 hours! I usually treat my Rim2Rim's like a training ground. It helps me keep my legs and endu
Oct 10, 2018

My most challenging yet rewarding hike of all time! Last week I completed my 5th Grand Canyon Rim to Rim but did it alone and under extreme weather condition. Hurricane Rosa was just passing through A
Jun 21

Me and the Grand Canyon have a long history of love and hate lol. I take the canyon very seriously because I understand the full power of Mother Nature! We as human see a gigantic hole on the ground,

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